67-272 Application Design and Development

One of the core courses for Carnegie Mellon University's Information Systems program is 67-272 Application Design and Development. In this course, students are introduced to the concepts and techniques used to design and develop software applications. Objectives of this course are to learn the importance of user-centered design, learn how to use the Model-View-Controller pattern in development, and to gain experience developing full-stack with Ruby on Rails, SQL, and HTML/CSS.

Karate Tournament Manager

The deliverable for this course was a fully functional Karate Tournament Manager. The project was broken down into five phases. The first phase consisted of designing the database and organizing the data into an entity relationship diagram. From there, development began with the back-end. This consisted of writing test cases and determining the edge cases for all the registration fields in the application. Phase 3 was building the beginning of the front-end to determine the flow of the application. Phase 4 and 5 were developing the back-end and front-end respectively. The application followed the software development life cycle to ensure development did not begin until after the overall design was determined.