FitMate takes the hassle out of finding a running partner by connecting local runners with opportunities to meet, train, or race. With the mobile app, all users must do is input preferences such as age, availability, and skill level and FitMate does the rest.

The Process

Ideation and Storyboarding

The concept for FitMate stems from our two observations that 1. people enjoy exercising and 2. people enjoy exercising with others.

This idea was further narrowed down from all types of exercising to just running. Additionally, the product would match users through similar social groups based on location and availability.

Branding and Prototyping

We explored our concept visually by experimenting with branding. In the end, we narrowed on two contrasting brands - a minimalist approach focused on the challenge aspect of the app, as well as a more traditional, verbose brand evocative of the app’s health benefits. We created two sample landing page variants based on these and used A/B testing to gauge their effectiveness.

Market Research

Our team wanted to better understand what would be the driving forces behind the success of our application. Who would use it, why would they use it, and how would they use it? We performed research on the current markets for applications related to health and fitness.  In addition, we looked into what sort of business model would FitMate adapt and how it could function with both customers as well as other businesses. 

Customer Experience

To better understand the customer, we wanted outline the different channel of experiences our users may go through while using FitMate. This helped us determine what were the main challenged and pain points that our users would face.


The  Product

We created a mobile application prototype to illustrate how users would go about interacting with the application. Our high fidelity prototype was built using Flinto and displayed several screens to show how users would interact with one another to meet up for runs, search for running events in the area, and send running challenges to friends.